Born in Toronto and bred in North Carolina, New York City and Miami, Tristan Clopet's musical range is as wide as the distance between the cities ("Consequence of Sound.") Educated at The University of Miami, NYU's Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music and Berklee College of Music, he's spent his first twelve years in the music business performing internationally, scoring films and commercials and building a massive online presence with his music featured in videos amassing over 31m views on YouTube. Tristan is a proud member of the Society of Composers and Lyricists and he lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Tracy, and their English bulldog, Lilly.


If you can find a composer who can do it all (whether he needs to or not), then you are very, very fortunate. Tristan Clopet is that composer for me. He thanked me for giving him his first film, but in the end it was me thanking him for saving my film. The kid uses both sides of his brain at the highest level and always delivers. There is no fence line to his creativity and talent—I will go to him no matter the genre.

I cannot recommend anyone I have ever worked with any higher; I just hope he’s available when I need him next!
— Dan Frisch, Producer, "Woman in Gold", "Grindhouse", "Hostel"

"I cannot recommend anyone I have ever worked with any higher."

Tristan’s musical ability of articulating raw emotion has truly been a gift. I’m looking forward to collaborating with this gifted composer again. Without a doubt, Tristan Clopêt is extraordinary.
— Tony Mendez, Director, "El Mar Y El" (HBO)

"Without a doubt, Tristan Clopet is extraordinary."

Tristan showed me musical alchemy: he listened respectfully to my semi-articulate ideas about music, and then added his perfect intuition, expertise, and elegant craft to spin gold out of the rough straws I was grasping at. It’s an invaluable gift. Often when I watch ‘Good Bones’ now - even with words I wrote, and with actors I directed - I am moved most by the score, elevating and tying it all together...
— Tim Bohn, Director, "Good Bones"

"Is it Clopet, or Clopêt?"

Tristan’s defining characteristic is his inconsistency in using an accent mark in his last name. Is it Clopet, or Clopêt? Tristan’s other defining characteristic is his audio skill set. Tristan has mixed, edited and scored nearly ten film projects for me at this point, and with each one, he brings sophistication, creativity, and style. Tristan’s work brings my projects together, and makes them feel complete. I bring him burrito filling, and he packs them tightly into a warm tortilla like a Chipotle employee with OCD. I plan to work on many more projects with Tristan Clopet, or is it Clopêt?
— Alex J. Mann, Director, "FOLLOWER"

"He's basically the composer version of Tom Hanks."

Tristan is not only an outstanding composer, he’s also an extremely hard worker and the nicest, most positive person you could hope to meet — he’s basically the composer version of Tom Hanks.
— K. Adam Bloom, Director, "RUNNERS"